Ish Chat Music

SpectraSoul launch “Ish Chat Music”

Ish Chat Music

SpectraSoul launch their “Ish Chat Music” imprint and release “Only You EP”

Railbird Digital are pleased to announce that we will be handling exclusive digital distribution for SpectraSoul’s new label Ish Chat Music.

Having previously appeared on such recognised labels as Shogun Audio, Metalheadz, Critical Music & Exit Records the Brighton based duo felt the time was right to branch out and launch their own imprint.

The result is their debut on the new label entitled “Only You EP” and it’s available right now!

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JoeFarr – RPM [Bloc]

JoeFarr BLOC003

JoeFarr – RPM
Label: Bloc // Cat No: BLOC003
Release date: 29th January 2016

Farr has a diverse catalogue, with three well-received releases on Turbo as well as records with DSNT, Leisure System and Power Vacuum. Few producers can claim to have remixed Tiga and been remixed by Truss.

Though Farr has an extensive history with Bloc, this will be his first outing on the label, a release that incorporates sounds that both Bloc and Joe are famed for.

The first track, ‘RPM’ features prominently in the Bloc festival trailer and is the soundtrack to the 2016 weekender. Hissing high hats and an atmospheric baseline quickly develop into an explosive anthem designed to get feet moving. ‘Rolling and Thatching’ conveys an immediate punch of 90’s acid, followed by techno heavy ‘Workout Three’ with crunching beats and an unremitting delivery worthy of the Berghain dance floor.

Here’s the lead-track from the mini-EP:

12″ Vinyl is available top pre-order now. The digital release will be out on Friday 29th January in all good retailers.


Ivy Lab Present: “20/20, Vol. 1”


Ivy Lab – 20/20, Vol. 1
Label: 20/20 LDN Recordings
Release date: Friday 6th November

Formed by producers Sabre, Stray and Halogenix, Ivy Lab are a North London collective that is part of a nascent movement of bass music refugees cross- pollinating UK soundsystem culture with influences from Future beats, the Mo’Wax era and LA’s Low End Theory focused beat scene. Their debut album adopts a clan style approach where different configurations of members, and collaborators, might operate under the Ivy Lab mantle:

This LP sits somewhere between a compilation album and a mixtape. The tracks are a mix of solo beats from individual members and collaborative productions between all three of us.

Inspired by their enthusiasm for experimentation on the fringes of the drum & bass scene; Sabre, Stray and Halogenix joined forces through individual collaborations on  their principle label Critical Music before expanding into the formal trio of Ivy Lab. A string of standout singles and EPs, additional support from Goldie’s Metalheadz recordings and remixes for acts and labels including Sub Focus (Universal), TC (3beat) and Anushka (Brownwood) have attracted a wealth of attention to the group.

With an anchored presence at the heart of the drum and bass community secured, the collective have now expanded into fresh territory under the framework of the “20/20” project. Initially established as a clubnight, the project is broadening its scope with the launch of a record label driven by the same raison-d’être as its live-event sibling. Namely to provide a showcase for the emerging landscape of sounds operating in the hinterlands between footwork, jungle/drum’n’bass, hip- hop and future beats – often referred to under the stop-gap moniker of ‘halftime’. Given this new movement’s proximity to Ivy Lab’s musical heritage as a drum and bass act, they view 20/20 as an expansion, rather than a change, in their musical output:

We have no intention of turning our backs on drum & bass, but we have such a huge body of music in this style that it makes sense for us to create a parallel platform dedicated to this movement.

Purchase/Streaming options:
Google Play:



Railbird releases w/c 23rd October


Ivy Lab – Shamrock [2020LDNSHAM]
Label: 20/20 LDN Recordings

The first preview taken from the highly anticipated debut Ivy Lab album entitled “20/20, Vol. 1” released on their fresh new imprint 20/20 LDN Recordings.
The LP is set to be released on Friday 6th November.



Killawatt – Émigré Reworked [OSMUK043EP]
Label: Osiris Music UK

Building on the success of the debut LP from Killawatt earlier in the year, Osiris Music UK assign three artists to rework three standout tracks from the album.
Tommy Four Seven takes the sub-aquatic techno roller ‘Zizi’ back to something dark, brooding and psychedelic using the original dissonant synth lines to create a real early set builder.
Eomac turns the dense and distorted ‘Spinal Swarm’ into a spacious sub centred UK techno cut that is more meditative rather than the unnerving aesthetic of its predecessor.
Finally Osiris Music UK label boss Mønic, fresh from his release on legendary Berlin techno label Tresor returns to do what he does best with ‘Excessive Hyperbole’ cutting out everything apart from the driving half-time basslines and eerie, dramatic atmospheres, dragging the UK based sound of the original kicking and screaming into the dark depths of the Berlin underground with great effect.


ESO14 outlined

Naibu – Straight Lines [PM031]
Label: Paradox Music

Paradox Music welcomes a new and proven artist to the label with an impressive discography under his belt – Naibu (Creative Source, Horizons Music). ‘Straight Lines’ is a thing of beauty with its organic percussion, synths, pianos, brass, bleep and vocal hooks – and that’s just a small instrument percentage. Rolling b-boy breaks switch with escalating filtered pads and distorted bass snaps. A great debut from Naibu with ‘Straight Lines.’ Paradox Music Quality. PM031 worthy. ‘Replaced’ swings in with Rhode keys and bells flying on top of funky breakbeats for a high quality Drum & Bass number reminiscent of early Seba productions. Bleep pops and bass strums let the drums breathe whilst switching with the key changes. Impressive.



West Norwood Cassette Library – 5th Anniversary EP [WNCL025]
Label: WNCL Recordings

WNCL Recordings continues the 5th Anniversary celebrations with this appropriately titled 4 track EP of underground goodies from label boss, Bob Bhamra – a selection of unreleased and previously dubplate-only affairs from the Cassette Library vaults…
Blonde on Blonde: Original mix was the first release on Teal, Denmark in 2010. The label put on a night at the Dunkel bar in Coppenhagen so I made a VIP mix of the track for that night. I think the bar was also immortalised in an Elgato tune too
Say What?: Original mix was released on New Kanada in 2011. Adam Marshall told me last year that he was planning to release a digital only compilation called Ambient Parks where artists on the label were invited to contribute an ambient track reflecting the parks in their area. Adam liked my “Ambient Parks Reprise” but said it was a little on the dark side. I reminded him that he’d clearly never been to a park in West Norwood 😉
Think (It Ain’t Illegal Yet): Found this on an old mini disc marked “2003”. I’m hoping Doc Scott doesn’t get to hear it or he’s gonna send the boys round, demanding their riff back
Up Periscope!: I originally presented this to ST Holdings (you remember them) as the B side to WNCL001 (“What It Is”). I then got the Brackles remix of “What It Is” and promptly forgot all about it.



Young:G – Project Mohawk #4 [BRKN026]
Label: Broken Audio Recordings

As another Summer season of festival fun ebbs away into the memory banks, the Project Mohawk series moves into deeper territories with Part 4 making a firm statement on club dance floors around the world. Felipe Antunes is Young:G, the latest in a growing line of talented Brazilian music producers to light up the drum & bass scene. Having started out making his own beats in 2010, Young:G has come a long way in a relatively short space of time, steadily progressing with a host of respected labels and amassing production credits like a Philatelist would collect prized stamps.
Having reached the attention of us here at Broken Audio in late 2014, we are now ready to unleash Young:G’s first solo EP with us, and it surely marks his biggest release to date. With an opening track featuring the mighty vocal skills of true scene legends The Ragga Twins, backed up with a selection of cuts to showcase music as deep as it is uncompromising.




Railbird Releases w/c 9th October


Thelem – We Aint the Same EP [ARTKL018]
Label: Artikal Music UK

Thelem comes correct with his biggest release to date via his new home Artikal Music UK. a 6 track EP with 4 Dubstep tracks and 2 Drum & Bass tracks to close the EP, featuring collabs with vocalist T-Man and D&B honcho Gremlinz. Huge DJ & Radio support on this one, Thelem has arrived!



Tuff Sherm & Patch Free – Dern Werk [HOTSHIT022]
Label: Hot Haus Recs
Currently available from JunoDownload exclusively:

Australian producers Tuff Sherm (a.k.a. Dro Carey) and Patch Free are set for their second EP, Dern Werk. The follow-up to their EP on Butter Sessions, four tracks arriving on DJ Haus’s Hot Haus Records label. Official video for the EP’s lead track ‘Zone 3’ streaming now!



Overlook / Deeperheightz – Gumshoe [RUPLDN008]
Label: Rupture LDN

A split single providing a new track from well respected D&B producer Overlook alongside a debut from new artist Deeperheightz. Overlook has been building things up on such respected labels as Dispatch, 31 Records, Samurai Music and it’s a pleasure to him appear on London based label Rupture having appeared at some of their recent nights, here both artists drop classic breakbeats for the true D&B heads.



Rumbleton – Vibration Centre [RUPLDN009]
Label: Rupture LDN

Canadian based Rumbleton and owner of fresh new label Stand Firm Hi-Fi launches a brand new solo single on London’s Rupture label. Tight breaks and spiralling amens from Rumbleton on a fantastic single, support from the likes of Loxy, Ink, Double 0 and Paradox!



The Push Button Orchestra – Still Beating On [CSRD165]
Label: Cross Section Music

A brand new release from Cross Section which has been producing quality house music since 1993, with support from a wide spectrum of world renowned and respected DJs including, Tony Humphries, Mike Huckaby, Todd Terry, Colin Dale, DJ Sneak, Derrick Carter, Derrick May, DJ Collette and DJ Heather to name a few. With countless productions under their belts for a host of underground house labels globally, this is the most recent collaboration between Magoo (Private Funk) and label boss Chris Simmonds, the combination of these producers goes from strength to strength with this raw club banger! “Still Beating On” has been exclusively featured on the Chris Simmonds podcast for DJ Sneaks’ Gangstercast with nearly 20,000 plays! This is the frst of many from this exciting new project. Play loud and watch the people get down!


Also on general release from today:

DyAD – Cyclic EP [MUD032]
Label: Macabre Unit Digital

Hostage – Tetralogy EP [877018]
Label: 877 Records

Bleaker – Hype (Funk) [UTTU055]
Label: Unknown to the Unknown

Chris.Su – Vital Moments EP [FATE003]
Label: FATE Recordings



Railbird Releases w/c 2nd October


Bleaker – Hype (Funk) [UTTU055]
Label: Unknown to the Unknown

Scottish Gang Fatale member Bleaker’s ‘Hype (Funk)’ has been doing damage on radio and clubs all year. There’s nothing subtle or clever about the track: it takes a classic sample, adds some classic drums (including a hi-hat which is so obnoxiously loud in the mix that you can’t help but grin when it comes in) and basically just bangs for five minutes, which is perfect. It’s all you’d ever want from it, and it’s all that Unknown to the Unknown ever want from anything – which makes the label the ideal home for it. UTTU will be releasing it backed with ‘Jam’ and a Helix remix of ‘Hype (Funk)



Hostage – Tetralogy EP [877018]
Label: 877 Records

Hostage is back on 877 Records following the success of his last EP on the label. From the Disco/Grime/House fusion of “Grunt” to the infectious vocal track “Bang Bang”, Hostage is not a man to be confined to one style and this EP truly showcases what a lean mean production machine this producer really is.



DJ Madd – Peng Teng EP [RNF004]
Label: Roots & Future

Hungarian-born Peter Simon has been writing music since his early teens, scoring his first vinyl release in 2008. Highly acclaimed for his WAR series of white label releases, he quickly made the connection between underground bass music and the Jamaican reggae sound. His music has been supported by UK tastemakers such as Toddla T, Mary Anne Hobbs and David Rodigan.



The Aliens UK & Badklaat – Aliens Gone Bad [DS069]
Label: Dubstar Records

The Aliens UK have teamed up with the mighty BadKlaat (Never Say Die) for their latest EP, by their own admission they’ve ‘Gone Bad’, expect trap, deep vibes and some lazer-bass, this is other-dimension business.



Subtifuge – Ganja Dadda 2015 (feat. Mr. Williamz) [TDWR008]
Label: Totally Dubwise Recordings

For our 8th release of the year we are going in with a update of the massive Ganja Anthem from Subtifuge & Mr Williamz which has been played none stop since it dropped in 2013. This one is sure to hot up the dance and get the Ganja heads bouncing. We have gone all out in this release, covering all bases from laid back Roots to Digital Dub then upping the tempo for a few Dubwise Drum & Bass and Jungle mixes from some of the scenes hottest producers. With the likes of Subtifuge, Dubmatix, Marcus Visionary, Blend Mishkin & Audiomission this one is guaranteed to be a sure fire hit, so sit back light up, and get to know about the Ganja Dadda.



DyAD – Cyclic EP [MUD032]
Label: Macabre Unit Digital

“I don’t get gassed. but these boys DyAD will soon be making music that you might envy…if you ain’t already…Raise your glasses to the production junkies…” – Demon
“DyAD are a two man-strong production and DJ alias making sounds that seem to represent an entire army.” – Korrupt (FatKidOnFire)
DyAD is comprised of two forward thinking Dubstep producers from the U.K.
Having seen releases on Annihilate Audio, Abyssal Audio, Sub:Concious, Mindstep and Pressed Records, the duo have already solidified their position in the 140 scene over the past couple of years. They strive to bring a unique blend of dancefloor bangers and deep, evocative compositions to a sometimes over-saturated and stagnant genre. Alongside these releases, their music has also featured on some of the most popular blogs in the scene such as FatKidOnFire and KeepDeep ( Their remixes of Matt U’s “Danger” and Sick ft. Talabun’s “Virus” have been doing the rounds amongst many of the underground’s top producers for some time now; add to that the steady flow of free music and showcase mixes the two have put out and it’s not surprising the name DyAD is sticking in the minds of real 140 heads.



Vaun & Jafu – In Pieces [ALBION001]
Label: Albion Collective

Newly established Albion Collective label are proud to present their first release from Vaun & Jafu. Having worked with renowned artists like El-B, Quest, Bunzer0 and Phaeleh. Albion has become a recognised brand across the bass music spectrum and launching a label was a natural progression. On remix duties is DEEP MEDi’s very own Jack Sparrow a well renowned Dubstep producer/DJ and Black Butter’s Sly-One who go from strength to strength.


How to get your Spotify artist profile verified


If you have released music digitally via Railbird or any other distributor who delivers to Spotify then you will have an artist profile presenting that music to Spotify users.
With 75 Million active users and more than 20 million paying subscribers in 58 markets worldwide it’s a platform that’s hard to ignore at this point.

You may see artists with a nice ‘blue tick’ next to their artist profile image. These are verified or VIP profiles who have connected their own personal Spotify account to their artist profile, eg:


Doing this enables you to communicate directly to your followers on Spotify via playlist posting, and updates regarding your new releases.

Labels can also apply for a label account in order to post playlists under the banner of your label brand.

To start the process of getting your artist profile verified you will need to meet the following criteria:
a) greater than 250 followers
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c) have a working username.

To apply as an artist follow this link

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Contact us to discuss your distribution requirements.




Railbird Releases w/c 4th September


AMIT – Fatty Batty / Operator [AMAR005]

Hot off the back of his ‘Four Stories’ EP AMIT returns with another bold instalment on his beloved label AMAR. Armed with a Trombone, Melodica & serious sub pressure, AMIT delivers a chunky number in ‘Fatty Batty’, this composition has be best described as both “Fatty Batty by name and nature”. For the Flip, AMIT delivers a nostalgic Dub/Jungle/Halftime number in ‘Operator’, reminding us of our past, present and future.



Current Value & Prolix – Get Down to It / Fake [TKRUK011]
Label: Trendkill Records
Currently available exclusively via Beatport:

Debut on the label from Germany’s premier noise-mongerer Current Value who’s appeared on notable labels such as Critical Music, Blackout and undertaken collabs with the likes of Noisia. Superbly produced Drum & Bass on offer here, perfect for the dancefloor.



Karma – Heal [IMRV014]
Label: Innamind Recordings

Karma returns and makes his debut on Innamind Recordings having made his name via VIVEK’s System Music imprint. A well respected Deep Dubstep producer who’s productions are always sought after. Released on both 12″ 180 gram vinyl and Digital. Mastered by Beau at Ten Eight Seven Mastering. Artwork by LAS. Support from V.I.V.E.K, J-Kenzo, LAS, Gantz, Benny Ill.


PM030 Digital

Seba, Paradox & Robert Manos – Because [PM030]
Label: Paradox Music

Red & Black clear vinyl in die-cut logo jacket. Seba, Paradox & Manos are back with a brand new vocal 12” perfect for summer 2015. ‘Because’ sees the trio return to their early collab roots with its dreamy pads and accompanying b-line. Two contrasting breakbeats switch positions with synth hooks whilst Manos’s vocals let the music breath. Inspired by the groups Sunandbass festival appearances, summer is here in the shape of PM030. The ingredients of Rhode keys, subtle chords and strings grab you on the flipside. Classic breaks, deep bass and a vocal tale courtesy of Robert Manos combine for the infectious ‘Lie to Me’. Sit back and relax in the sun with Seba, Paradox & Robert Manos.



Da Fuchaman – Burning (Remixes) [RTZD010]
Label: Run Tingz Recordings
Currently available exclusively via Juno for 1 week:

Run Tingz Digital is back with the follow up to Kursiva’s High Vibes, with a label debut for a new name in town.. Da Fuchaman! Hot off the back of Run Tingz Cru & Da Fuchaman PA’ing some forthcoming projects on Run Tingz Recordings to huge crowds at Boomtown Fair’s Hidden Woods, the label’s next Digital bundle welcomes Gold Dubs back into the fore alongside label regular J-Man. There’s two original mixes on this release from the aforementioned producers – each providing their own take on this unique Bristol based vocalist’s talents! Gold Dubs has gone with his typically more rolling sound on this lick – demonstrating why he is one of the hottest properties on the circuit right now! J-Man has employed a ‘Dread’ style baseline that harks back to that classic Jungle sound that has kept the genre so popular right through until this day.



J-One – Waiting [HOS012]
Label: Hear Other Sounds

Waiting EP marks the second release from J-One on Hear Other Sounds. The South Coast producer delivers with an uncompromising 4 track EP showcasing his talent for harmonious synth lines and intricate vocal sampling. This release contrasts 2013’s Yours by entering darker territory but still shows the versatile artist balancing between stripped back 2-step drum patterns and melodic design.



Yaporigami – Grind Analysts, Fig. 1 [SL001]
Label: Stray Landings Recordings

The musical background of Japanese sound-artist Yu Miyashita is somewhat split. His longest standing project, Yaporigami, spans back to 2006 when he first released under the name – yet the music Miyashita has begun releasing under his birthname has become increasingly significant in recent years. Indeed, debuting on Mille Plateaux as he did with the first Miyashita LP Noble Niche in 2011 is a rather impressive first footing for any new project, and not one that has restricted his further movements.



Psyek & Local Heroes – MSM EP [ARX047]
Label: Architecture Recordings
Currently available exclusively via Juno for 1 week:

A collaborative EP from two newcomers to the Drum & Bass scene Psyek & Local Heroes. Exploring minimal, atmospheric and breakbeat all within the Drum & Bass framework.



Copy & Paste – Society Says EP [COL024]
Label: Colours Audio
Currently available exclusively via Juno for 1 week:

Resident label artist Copy & Paste returns with his third EP for the Colours Audio label, ran and A&R’d by Jayce (aka DJ Ink).



BrukRode – The Wolf / Fillmore [DECA049]
Label: Deca Rhythm

BrukRode is on a roll right now with back to back Deca Rhythm releases and strong support from the likes of Kamikaze Space Programme and Paul Mac. BrukRode is an alter-ego for legendary D&B producer Skitty, a long time music producer and DJ who these days is making waves in the Techno communities.



Orphan101 & RED5 – Saturated Analogue [DECA050]
Label: Deca Rhythm

Hard-edged techno rollers from one of the masters of the underground Bristol scene, having appeared on labels such as Apple Pips, Saigon Recordings and of course his very own Deca Rhythm.



Introducing “Stems”


“As a premium file format, Stems can create new revenue streams for labels and online music stores to grow their business. A new release will boost label visibility while the hooks, basslines, and more from classic hits are reborn through the imagination of countless DJs and producers”.

You may already be aware of this service having recently popped up on a lot of the major digital stores (such as Beatport, JunoDownload etc).

Railbird Digital can cater for this additional revenue angle for you.
Any revenue earned via Stems would appear on monthly statements as normal under the store Stems were purchased.

In short, ‘Stems’ is a way to bundle (in a .mp4 container) both the original track(s) together with each individual component/stem specific to that track(s).
Currently the stems are compatible for users of the Traktor software, but this will soon be rolled out for use with additional software/hardware.

New Stem releases are currently working to a 6 week lead-time, so take a look at your release schedule and see if there could be some opportunities for you to take a look at.
Consider for all future releases making sure when your artists send over their premasters that they also export the individual stems.

If you’d like to discuss a Stem release to coincide with a standard digital release or need any help whatsoever get in touch.

More info:




Railbird Releases w/c 14th Aug


Greta Cottage Woodpile [GCWP04]
Inhmost – Dragbacks on Dockweiler State Beach

Greta Cottage Woodpile bringing some ecstatic ambient works to dinner. Inhmost recalls distant memories of a sun bleached beach and former glories faded back into sand. A time of youthful hope and dreams of grandeur that have morphed over the years into reminiscent memories for two of the crew…

As if Inhmost climbed into their minds and created a dusty road trip using gear from the era – glacial reverbs and slow motion builds drip from speakers, floating audio across ears like filamentous achenes from a dandelion.

Miniscule hints of Goan beaches and horizontal D&B backrooms drift past your frame of reference, never breaking that stream of consciousness beaming out from the sun shadow of Dockweiler State Beach.

An LP for summer earbuds & early morning sunrise sessions, ambient music that is unashamedly retro, yet staring hard into the future with asynchronous joy.

If you recall The Orb & KLF Chillout reigned supreme over your post rave mornings, as you nursed a cup of tea and a roach then this Trip is for you… and if you don’t, enjoy your travels with an open mind. Bliss Out.



Stand Firm Hi-fi [SFHF002]
martianMan – Keep Your Dread

Stand Firm Hi-Fi vol. 2 comes from martianMan – A student of the game who has built up a solid reputation as a producer with strong releases on Scientific Wax, Eastern Promise, Omni Music, and Monochrome recordings. Comes backed with a superb refix courtesy of Rupture’s Double 0.



Untied [UD002]
Ohmtrix – Judgement EP
Currently exclusive to JunoDownload for 1 week:

Zagreb’s Untied imprint is ready to unleash their 2nd outing, this time coming from Londoner Ωhmtrix, featuring a fresh Darkimh remix.



Liondub-ODT Muzik [LNDBXODT002]
Navigator – Sound the Alarm Remixes

After a very successful launch resulting in the original release of this burner reaching #1 on the Juno DnB & Jungle download chart, Liondub-ODT Muzik ready up again with a crocus bag of hardware remixes for the avid listener and discerning selectors globally.


> Also released store-wide today (previously exclusives):


Trendkill Records [TKRUK010]
The Clamps – Nerves

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 16.17.45
Southside Dubstar UK [SDUK021]
Risked – Pure EP

Totally Dubwise Recordings [TDWR007]
Fleck & Dark Angel – Tell Em